Pet Odor Control Sioux Falls, SD

Pet Odor and Pet Stain Removal Sioux Falls, SD


To help establish the seriousness and approach to solving the problem we have established 3 Stages of pet odor control.

The Stage is listed in Blue, with the necessary treatments in Green.


Stage I

Stage I Pet Odor Control Sioux Falls, SD

*Urine has not penetrated to the backing of the carpet.

*Usually a smaller cat or dog,

*Not a repeated regular urination area.

*Deep Surface Cleaning and Odor Treatment required.


Stage II

Stage II Pet Odor Control Sioux Falls, SD

*Urine Has Penetrated to the backing of the Carpet.

*Large Dog or repeat event for smaller dog or cat.

*Repeated urination area.

*Most Common.

*Deep Surface Cleaning and Odor Treatment with Injections to backing.


Stage III

Stage III Pet Odor Control Sioux Falls, SD

*Urine Has Penetrated to The Sub Floor

*Regardless of size of Dog or cat, this is a regular urination area.

*Carpet Must be pulled up,

*Affected area of pad pulled.

*Sub floor cleaned, treated and sealed.

*New Pad Installed.

*Carpet Backing Cleaned and Treated.

*Reinstall Carpet and Deep Clean and Treat Surface area.


Three Parts to the Puzzle

Odor is More than Just "Smell"

There are THREE DISTINCT COMPONENTS that make up biological odor:

  1. A biological excretion or decomposition; such as urine, feces, vomit, sweat, skunk spray, meat, fish, cigarette smoke, etc.

  2. Odor causing bacteria; feeding on the biological excretion, bacteria rapidly multiply and produce a great deal of Gases aka: odor molecules.

  3. Odor molecules ; Are carried by biological excretions and are rapidly produced by odor causing bacteria feeding on the biological excretion.

All three odor components must be eliminated by an odor elimination product to permanently eliminate a biological odor. If these three components are not eliminated, the odor will naturally return.

In most situations odor cannot be permanently eliminated from the carpet surface alone, the backing and pad must be treated.

An odor eliminator must come in contact with the biological excretion. This cannot be done from a distance; even if the distance is very small. It is just physically and chemically impossible .

This is why room sprays and aerosols, or odor absorbers do not permanently eliminate odor. These types of products are not designed to be applied to carpet backing and padding.

How many so called "odor elimination" products have you already tried where the odor returns? Here's reality: If the odor eliminator product doesn't eliminate all three odor components or doesn't come in direct contact with the biological excretion, the odor will naturally return. When the odor returns, so does your pet, and the cycle repeats.

Pet Stain Removal Sioux Falls, SD

Our process of carpet odor removal starts with an inspection of the affected area. After that it's simple chemistry, The PH of the urine must be neutralized and flushed from the carpet. Carpet or upholstery padding can not be effectively flushed without damage to the padding.<--(That's a Period)

The absolute only way to guarantee a Stage II or Stage III odor will not return is to pull up the carpet and clean and treat the back of the carpet, remove and replace the padding and clean and seal the floor. We have done this hundreds of times over they years and have never had a complaint! AND at a fraction of the cost of new carpet!

Rarely does a surface cleaning alone remove enough of the odor to ensure the problem will not return.

The Key is to neutralize odors permanently so that your pet doesn't return to the same spot and have the "urge" to mark the spot again.


Steps you can take:

Try to take care of accidents as soon as possible. For fresh stains we recommend blotting the area with a 50/50 mixture of fresh water and white vinegar, allow to dry, then apply Odor Control product, available at the Featured Products link below. Whatever you do do not mix several chemicals, this makes it worse and never use a powder of any kind.

Repeat until odor is eliminated.

The "problem" with pet odor is urine never dries. This provides a food source for the bacteria to feed on... Which in turn causes the odor you smell. Complete removal of the urine or other contaminant is essential for success.

Let us take the hassle out of the carpet for you!

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