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Sioux Falls Carpet Cleaners
My Philosophy...

A-1 Carpet Service is locally owned and operated, not a franchise. We are well trained and hard working We would never smoke, use foul language, or kick your dog. We will not yell at your children without your written consent. All kidding aside, we would be honored, for an opportunity to impress you. 

Harold Pastian, Owner/Operator

What We Do

Our philosophy is pretty simple. Treat each customer like you would want your Grandmother treated.

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My Start...

My Start in the Carpet Cleaning business began in San Diego in 1986. I had just been discharged from the U.S. Navy after serving 4 years. My master plan was to get a fill in job until I found a career using the skills that I had learned in the Navy. I answered an Ad in the San Diego Union, for a carpet cleaner. I'll never forget the ad boasting I could make $1000.00 a week cleaning carpets!! I figured, what the heck! I put on a nice suit and tie, and went for an interview. Wow was I impressed! These people wore suits and ties , the technicians were well groomed friendly, uniformed just like the picture above. I went to work on Monday.

professional carpet cleaning sioux falls Harold Pastian Owner/Operator