Pet Odor Control Sioux Falls, SD

We know your time is valuable! We strive to make your contact with us as painless as possible. We know that conflicts arise and appoitments must be reset from time to time, we ask that you give us 24 hours notice before resetting your appointment. As always we are available by phone @ 605-359-1098


Booking Info

  Scheduling is easy and Convenient

In order to allow for variations in services we offer the following time slots for scheduling.

We will arrive anytime during the time window.

1. Between 7am and 8 am

2. between 8am and 12 Noon

3. between 11am and 2pm

4. between 2pm and 4pm

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About Scheduling

Also for your convenience we can contact you before we come to allow you time to be there. At your request we will call you the day before your scheduled appointment, to narrow down our arrival time. Also for your convenience we can contact you before we come to allow you time to be there.

A resonsible party must be present at the start of any job

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Important Note Please Read

We can all agree how convenient email and text messages have become in our busy lives, however I find conducting a service business this way to be problematic.  The biggest issue I find is the details of the service call go un-covered, leading to misunderstandings and conflicts.  What can be easily discussed by a simple phone conversation becomes a sporatic email chain or a series of incoherant text messages.

While I believe initial contact and many questions and pricing can be discussed via email or texts, I firmly believe the actual scheduling of the service should take place on the phone, I hope you can appreciate that as well.

Obviously customers we do on a regular basis do not present the same problem, as we are familiar with their homes, pets and expectations, so continue to reach us in a way you find convenient.

Thanks for your support!