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Urine Detection Light

Black Light


I have at least 5 or 6 black lights laying on my shop bench that are junk. This is the best black light I have ever found. This LED Black Light is the perfect tool for finding Fido & Fluffy's urine spots.
Upholstery Cleaning Brush

Upholstery Brush


Use this to keep the velvet weave on your micro fiber sofa feeling soft and fluffy. Awesome at removing pet hair, This is like a big hush puppies brush from back in the day,
Carpet Rake

Grandi Groomer


Every home with carpet should have one of these. Next to vacuuming This "Rake" is the single most important tool for keeping your carpets looking great!
Pet Odor Remover

Pet Odor Remover


If you have pets, this is a sanity saver. Not an odor mask but a molecular modifier. It comes ready to use in a 16 oz soaker bottle. Guaranteed odor removal.

Commercial Vacuum Cleaner



Best Vacuum money can buy. <--that's a period No bags to buy, just remove the bag and shake it out! This thing will last the average home owner 20+ years.
Sanitaire Vacuum Attachment Kit

Vacuum Attachment Kit


For those that still want a hose for furniture and stairs for the above vacuum only.


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