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Now That your Carpet has been Professionally Cleaned...

Here are a few basic guidlines:

1. It is perfectly fine to walk on your clean carpet, but keep it to a minimum, walk on the edges out of the normal traffic lanes, and wear clean rubber soled shoes.

2. Do not place furnture back until after you have vacuumed the area, when it has throughly dried, otherwise you will get furniture stains like this:

Carpets Steam Cleaned Sioux Falls

 If you need to re-place the furniture before it is dry, ask about protective pads.  We can supply them free of charge.

3. Keep in mind that those traffic areas will require a little more dry time as we used more water in those areas.  This is a great place to set up your box fans and turn on celing fans. These are the BEST type of fans for carpt drying.

Carpet Drying Sioux FallsHow To Dry Your Carpet A-1 Carpet Service

4.  Some carpets are more absorbant than others and may swell after cleaning, this is normal, and they will return to their previous condition (minus the soil) after they are completly dry.

5.  Basement carpet will take as much as an hour longer to dry, because well...It's a basement.

6. Air movement and low humidity dry carpets, not heat!  So DO turn down the temperature and DO turn the furnace fan to ON instead of auto to speed up drying.  If you notice windows fogging DO open a window and exaust the humidity.  While your Air Conditioning will help, it is not designed to remove large amounts of humidity quickly.

How To Dry Carpet A-1 Carpet Service

7.  Be especially careful walking from a damp carpet to a hard surface floor as it WILL be slippery, and please do not run with scissors.

8. Enjoy Your Clean Carpets.



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Do's And Don't's After You Carpet Has Been Cleaned