Frequently Asked Questions (Page 2)


Will my carpet get dirtier faster after cleaning?

Yes! If detergent residue is not properly and throughly rinsed from the carpet during the cleaning process. Many of the DIY rental machines do not have the power necessary to compleatly remove the water and detergent they spray down. The residue left behind by the so called "Dry" cleaning process's is even worse.

How can I prevent rapid resoiling?

Resoiling can be caused by many things, among them is cooking vapors that settle onto your flooring, trapping the tracked in soils and airborne dust particles so vacuumming becomes less effective over time. When your vacuum no longer lifts the carpet pile, it is time for a professional cleaning. Our cleaning process targets these oily trapped soils, suspends them and rinses them from the carpet with no residue left behind . The results are fantastic!

Can I clean the carpets myself and keep my warranty intact?

Yes and no. For warranty issues all the manufactures require proof of professional steam cleaning every 12 to 18 months. If you have no proof, your warranty will be voided. That does not mean that cleaning the carpet with a "Rug Doctor" will necessarily void your warranty, it simply means that you still need to have the carpets steam cleaned professionally from time to time. Spot cleaning with an approved product and following the Do's & Dont's listed below, between our cleanings is generally enough if done properly. Call us anytime for spot removal procedures, we are glad to help.


Do's and Dont's