Carpet Repair and Installation Sioux Falls, SD

Seam Repair

Before and after doorway seam repair

Doorway seams and transition areas to hard surface floors are a big part of our repair business.  Especially  since people quit smoking in the house and burning holes in the carpet

Loose Carpet?

Loose carpets are usually caused by poor installation.  Even a 30 year old carpet should not get  loose, unless it was installed with a Knee Kicker 

Cut and Plug

Neatest thing since sliced bread! 

You whack it, I'll Tack it!

Proper Tools

This is a power Stretcher.  If your install guys don't show up with one of these, send them packing.  This is THE ONLY acceptable tool for stretching a carpet. 

Tackless Strip

I see more staples holding carpet down, than tackless.  Tackless and Zbar are our friends around transition areas.  Not fold and staple!

Knee Kicker

Designed to position a carpet not stretch it.  Carpet is made to stretch 3 to 5 percent.  There is NO WAY  this tool will achieve this without ripping a hole in it. 

Miscellaneous Repairs

Bleach Spot - Before

Bleach Spot Repair A-1 Carpet Service Sioux Falls, SD

I use an impressive (patented)  dyeing system specifically made for bleach spots, I can't figure out how they did it but it works!

Bleach Spot - After

Carpet Patching A-1 Carpet Service Sioux Falls, SD

Before I found this product the ONLY way to fix these was to patch in a new piece of carpet.  #Options

Damaged Rug Backing

Rug Repair A-1 Carpet Service Sioux Falls, SD

Don't throw it out just yet, believe it or not this can actually be repaired to like new or in most cases better than new


Carpet Padding A-1 Carpet Service Sioux Falls, SD

I have replaced a LOT of pad over the years foranything from pet urine to water damage 

Transition Areas

Carpet Transition Repair A-1 Carpet Service Sioux Falls, SD

I have seen a LOT of these become a real problem area in the last few years, if it's not the dog  shredding it, it's just bad installation techniques.

Secure It Properly

Proper tools for the job

Insist that your installer use proper clampdown,zbar or whatever they choose to call it but notice there is no staple gun in this picture.