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Indoor Radio Fencing


Indoor Pet Containment

House training your pets can be a real challenge when your busy and away from home.  Being a Carpet Cleaning Professional I know personally how much damage an untrained pet can do in a short period of time. See What I Mean

Gates and Barriers

While gates and barriers are fine for some pets, is it really practical to gate every door and stairway in your home.  Your home becomes a maze of dangerous and unsightly barricades restricting your movements and marking walls and leaving screw holes everywhere.

What about Indoor Radio Fencing?

Again being in the Carpet Cleaning Industry for years, I have seen just about every way a person can restrict their pets from certain areas of the home.  I saw an outdoor Invisible Fence system installed (albeit poorly) in one of my customers homes several years ago.  The equipment was large and bulky and not well hidden.  None the less it was VERY effective.  I thought then, It would sure be nice if this equipment was designed for INSIDE the home.  Well the time is here!


Remember in college or your first apartment with roommates, everyone wanted the cable TV or the network cables into their room? Taped up wires over doorways and pulled up carpet along the baseboards.  I remember, because your landlord called me to stretch the carpet back in.  Having the right tools to install it properly could have saved your deposit.  That's where I come in.  Running wire along or under carpet is the key to keeping fluffy or Rover from their favorite spot in the basement.  

Big or Small

We can design a system to meet just about every circumstance, from keeping the dog out of only one room or the cat from the entire family room.  Where there is a will there is a way!

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I will admit I don't know nearly as much about every containment system as I do about how to fix the urine and carpet damage to your home or rental.  But what I do know is, I know exactly how to run a hidden wire around and under flooring to get what we need done, without breaking the bank and making things look bad.