Flood & Water Damage Restoration Sioux Falls, SD

Washer Overflow, broken pipe, sump failure? No matter how your carpets got wet, A-1 has the tools and know how to get the carpets and structure dry. Bottom line is carpet drying in the first 72 hours is critical. After 72 hours carpet backing breaks down and mold and mildew set in. It only gets worse from there. Shop vac's and fans won't do the job. Call us to help you evaluate the situation and see what the next step is for you. 

First thing! DO NOT PANIC 

2. Stay clear of the flooded area until power is off to the entire area. 

3. Find the source of the water and stop it if possible. 

4. Call A-1 @ 605-359-1098 we will start the water removal process.

5. Call your Insurance Agent. 

6. Know that you can not be forced to use their service provider.

While every water damage repair situation is unique, the basics listed above will get the ball rolling toward a favorable outcome. 

Types of Water Damage

In water damage situations, one very important factor is the type of water that has affected the carpet, pad and drywall. It will determine how to proceed properly.

There are three types of water based on its source: 

Category 1 is clean water that comes from a broken water supply pipe or rainwater 

Category 2 is gray water that contains biological or chemical contaminants such as water coming from kitchen sinks.

Category 3 is black water which is heavily toxic and is basically domestic or industrial water waste.

Unfortunately, there is no saving the carpet if it is affected by Category 3 water since these types of water contain contaminants and pose serious health risks. Likewise, the carpet must also be thrown out and replaced if mold has begun to grow. If the carpet was flooded with Category 1 and Some Category 2 water or there is no mold development, it can be cleaned, sanitized and reinstalled after being completely dried.

Carpet Drying

Standard Rebond Carpet Pad

Drying wet carpets may seem simple – dry them. When it comes to drying wall to wall carpeting, however, the task becomes more difficult while the carpet itself is not all that absorbent, the carpet acts as a filter for the water and goes right through to the padding or cushion underneath, this is where most of the sour odor will come from. We treat the carpet fibers and the backing to ensure complete odor removal. 

Wool Carpet Pad

Cushion or Padding 

Most carpeting will have a pad or cushion installed under, this padding acts like a sponge when it becomes wet. Drying wet pad is neither healthy nor practical considering the cost of pad. The images below show standard rebond padding the middle image is wool pad (we do not see this much anymore) Horsehair pad was VERY common in the 80's 

Dispose of Wet Pad Promptly

The bottom line is ANY wet pad must be replaced, the organic material (dirt) that WAS in the carpet, is now in that pad.  Dry it all you want, that dirt isn't going anywhere.  Every humid day you will be reminded of that, by the odor.

Water Damage is? 

Let us minimize the damage quickly 

And have you back on your carpet, faster than you think!

Carpet Odor

Water Damage Restoration Sioux Falls

Even if you clean your carpets very regularly, the soil in the carpet and subfloor mixes with the flood water and becomes "Brown" water. These organic contaminates are what you smell shortly after a water damage. Wet carpet and pad quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria and molds and other odor causing gasses. Carpet padding absorbs and traps this water so effectively that not all of the water can be removed, even with our commercial grade water extraction equipment. Since it cannot be dried completely, the padding has to be replaced or it would be very unsanitary otherwise.

The Subfloor

To treat the subfloor, the following steps are taken: First, all standing water is extracted. After this, fans and dehumidifiers will be used to air dry the sub floor and baseboards and sheetrock if affected. To help prevent mold growth, antimicrobial agents will be applied where required. Once these steps are done, a new carpet pad will be installed.

Call A Professional

Obviously, drying wet carpets as described above requires a lot of work and is something most homeowners and their insurance companies would rather hire someone else to do. Fortunately, A-1 Carpet Service would not only be glad to do the job for you but, more importantly, has the training and equipment to do it properly and completely.

Out Of The Woodwork...

Many so called "emergency services" or "restoration" companies charge you 3 times what we do to just extract water and pull padding, then the gouging starts from there, insurance scams  for work that was in no way necessary.  Sad but true. 

 A-1 Carpet Service is committed to seeing the project through to re-installed carpet in a timely manner. 

Here's the best tip I can offer: If the company you called can not reinstall the pad and carpet AND CLEAN THE CARPET, you called the wrong company. 

All flooded carpet must be cleaned and sanitized after reinstall, this is not optional.

Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.

If your in a Mess and you need the water and odor out!

Call A-1 Carpet Service @ 605-359-1098 24 hour Emergency Service* 

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