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Three Questions

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 There are 3 Questions almost every customer asks about having their carpets and upholstery cleaned. 

1. Will They Do A Good Job?

What's In Your Carpets A-1 Carpet Service, Sioux Falls

 Removing the most soil possible is Key. Fine sand causes major damage to your carpeting and other floors. Our pre-conditioners suspend the soil then deep steam cleaning removes this sand and grit now! before the damage is done. 

2. Will It Dry Fast?

Fast Drying, Smells Great

 Even with our thorough deep steam cleaning, the carpets dry quickly. Using fans to dry the carpet prevents wicking, which is what causes spots to return. A big factor will be the density and soiling conditions. Thick plush carpet that is heavily soiled could take as long as 12 hours to dry, whereas medium density carpet with light to moderate soiled dries in less than 2 hours. 

3. Will it get dirtier faster now that it's cleaned?

Heavy soil can be a challenge

 You don't leave the shampoo in your hair when you wash it, why leave it in your carpet? Rinsing the detergent residue from the carpet with hot water is critical to a long lasting clean. "Dry" cleaning methods leave the shampoo behind for you to vacuum out. Our rinse agents neutralize any detergents and leave the carpet softer, fresher and healthier without a soapy residue. 

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 We remove more soil, rinse thoroughly and dry the carpet quickly, You will experience a longer lasting clean,  Guaranteed! 

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What To Expect

Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning A-1 Carpet Service, Sioux Falls

1. Pre-Vacuuming can remove up to 80% of the soil in your  carpet in the dry form. I once vacuumed up 26 lbs of dirt in one living room.  (1. yes I weighed it 2. sheep dog , sandy back yard) we are huge fans of vacuuming, and it keeps the filters in  the truck cleaner.   

2. Pre-Conditioning. This is the magic juice. you could take away my coffee  before this stuff. we pre spray all the areas we are cleaning, let it dwell for  about 15 min. What it does is surrounds the greases and oils, which hold in the  dirt so they can be rinsed away to the truck. Pretty simple.  

3. Pre-Spotting. Sometimes there are tougher spots that require  our double secret weapon. Which we will be glad to share with you during your  appointment. Rest assured if the "spot" can get out we will get it. Obviously  "stains" are permanent like dyes.   

4. Agitation. Scrubbing in the magic juice is one of the parts  of the cleaning pie. (i'm not making this up) in order to clean anything you  need heat, chemical, time, and agitation. use them in whatever percentage you  want but the 4 have to add up to 100%   

5. Hot Water Extraction. (Steam Cleaning) This step  will fully rinse the magic juice and suspended soil from the surface, leaving  the carpet cleaner, fresher, softer and residue free. This critical step is  required by all major carpet mills because the used solution and soil is completely  removed from the carpet.   

6. Carpet Grooming. Stand That Fiber Up! Lastly,  we set the nap of your carpet fiber by standing it upright so that air can  circulate around each fiber for faster drying time. Expect  between 1 and 4 hours for your carpet to dry, under normal soil conditions.   

Specialized Stain Removal

 **We offer specialized stain  removal for most synthetic, organic and petroleum based stains. Examples include  coffee, blood, pet stains, ink and red  dye stains. This service is optional, so please ask your technician for a  no-obligation estimate. Due to the many variables involved for specialized  spotting, final estimates for these procedures will be performed on-location  only.  


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