Professional Area Rug Cleaning Sioux Falls

Rug Cleaning Sioux Falls

 With the re-invasion of hard surface flooring in and around  Sioux Falls we are seeing many, many more rugs than we have in the past  25 years. These rugs range from very nice wool to inexpensive nylon.  

Rug Cleaning Sioux Falls

 A couple of things First: 

* Our  pricing is listed below all pricing is picked up and delivered only (no Drop off) 

* We do not clean any area rugs in your home. (I will explain more about this later)

* Both sides of your rug need to be cleaned! (I know this is obvious, I apologize) 

* Small repairs done at no extra charge. (Small tears, loose fringe things of this nature)

A-1 Carpet Service Rug Cleaning

 I am aware of several cleaners around Sioux Falls that will "run  over" a rug for you while they are there doing your carpeting. Without a  super thorough vacuuming and/or beating the rug, they are not doing you  any favors and might just make your nice 8 X 10 rug into a not so nice 5  x 7 eyesore.  

 Dry soil removal alone on most of the rugs we clean takes an hour or more. Without the dry soil removal from the rug, your making mud. As I mentioned earlier, both sides of the rug NEED to be cleaned, there is no quick and easy way to do that in your home.  

Area Rug Cleaning

We don't use this particular  tool, but we do use this technique it shows the dry soil in a small rug in 1 pass!  

Area Rug Cleaning Sioux Falls

A rug can hold up to 10 times it's weight in soil before it is visible! 

A-1 Carpet Service Sioux Falls, SD

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Pet Stains on Area Rug

What Makes A-1 Carpet Service Special

 I am an expert textile cleaning professional with many hundreds of rugs cleaned but, what I am most proud of is my ability to get pet odor out of your rug. That is where the value of my service really becomes evident. I have saved rugs valued at over $10,000 (see the video below?)  

Don't do me any favors?

 I will say emphatically, there is no way to get pet or any other  odor out of a rug by "running over" it. Usually, with a wool rug of any  size or shape I have to clean it at least twice to get the odor out.  And trust me there is no soil left in your rugs, when I get the odor  out. 

If you are looking for the absolute cleanest clean and guaranteed odor removal, look no further!

 I  have handled textiles woven in  various parts of the world, from Turkey and Morocco to Portugal and  Spain, as well as the many countries in between. 

Many rugs are used as tapestries,  generally these are very old family heirlooms. If you have a tapestry  that needs cleaning, have no fear, tapestry is where rookies dare not  tread. 

Almost every real nice tapestry I have seen is a dye bleeder, I take precautions for dye bleed, because as much as I might like your rug or tapestry, I don't want to own it. 

A-1 Carpet Service is  insured for  $1 million per incident and $2 million aggregate the most  allowed by law for my industry. We've got your rugs and tapestries  covered! 

We treat each rug with  special attention and the cleaning process is customized for each  particular type of fiber and weave, whether natural or synthetic, such  as wool, cotton, jute, silk, rayon, polyester, nylon, acrylic and more. 

Rug Cleaning Prices


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